Consultancy / Coaching / M&A

  • Are you looking for advice on individual questions about your company?
  • Is your company in a crisis from which you are looking for a way out?
  • Do you need support and guidance in selecting and implementing a long-term corporate strategy?
  • Are you looking for new strategies and business models for your company?
  • You need feedback and analyses for changes that have already been implemented?
  • You want to expand and are planning to acquire a company (M&A)?

Project- / Interimsmanagement

  • You have received an order / have to carry out a project and need experts at short notice?
  • You want to introduce a new measure / technology in your company and are looking for a specialist?
  • You are looking for uncomplicated, tailor-made expert and management services, with better and modern results, sustainable and new experience, lower costs, lower risk and higher flexibility?

Through our own network, and if necessary beyond it, we search for a specialist suitable for your company and your needs.

Company succession

  • Are you looking for a successor for your company?
  • From the family or external environment?
  • We accompany you in the preparation, planning, selection of candidates and integration into the company.
    Are you interested in succession in a company?
  • We look for the right company for you and accompany you during the takeover process and prepare you as the designated successor for your new task in a holistic manner
  • We support and coach you in your personal preparation phase as well as in commercial and technical issues after you have started your new job
  • We are also available as a partner for the exchange of ideas and reflection or to give you a second opinion

Digitalisation of batteries

Battery monitoring systems (BMS) are already used for many batteries and provide the user with a variety of data. But how are these data to be interpreted? What conclusions and instructions for action are to be drawn?
We develop concepts for the digitalisation and integration of battery data.


Scope of the consultation

  • Identify existing problems and make suggestions for solutions
  • Supporting the solution of already identified problems or formulating possible solutions
  • Develop proposals for strategic measures to improve/change the current status
  • Accompany the company’s development and growth
  • Relieve the burden on management that is unable to perform its duties due to e.g. lack of time, authority or personal reasons or activities
  • Offer of a network of specialists in the individual fields (e.g. taxes, law, insurances, EDP, marketing. advertising etc.)
    Interlocutor/sparring partner, also for “delicate” topics
  • Member of the working group “Berater Rhen-Main” at RKW


  • General and special legal advice
  • Motivation, coaching, potential check
  • Strategic planning, financing, restructuring advice
  • SWOT analyses
  • Preparation of business plans, communication with banks / investors
  • Advice on subsidies
  • Marketing & sales
  • Talent mapping, executive search, personnel management
  • Mediation, conflict management
  • Interim and project management
  • Other analyses and day-to-day issues