M&A consulting, acquisition of companies

The purchase of a company is characterised by different motivations.

– Expansion of market share
– Reduction of development times for new products
– Limited further rationalisation possibilities
– Consolidating markets

and much more.

In the M&A process, I assist with the preparatory measures:

– Definition and elaboration of the strategic objective
– Definition of the investment framework (linking objective and financial framework)
– Target screening, identification of strategic partners, preparation of a list of target companies (longlist)
– Qualified discussions with the target company, selection of the list of final acquisition candidates (shortlist)
– Planning and implementation of direct talks

I work with a network of partners (lawyers, notaries, tax advisors, etc.) in the implementation of your company takeover.

– Risk assessment of the target company
– Planning implementation of the transaction (due diligence, coordination, negotiation, etc.)
– Company valuation, offer, declaration of intent to purchase
– Integration (PMI and synergy management)